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- About Light Body Botanicals  -

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Ingredient Commitment


At Light Body Botanicals, we love handcrafting clean, natural products from healing, medicinal plants. Our products nourish and soothe the skin without harmful chemicals. We believe that by working with medicinal herbs, you can rebalance your body for optimum health and vitality. A wild green field can be your pharmacy and you can be your own best healer.


Your skin is your largest external organ and what you put on your skin is as impactful as what you put into your mouth. We are committed to doing our part in reducing your toxic load, without sacrificing glowing healthy, 

lustrous skin. 


Nature has your back. At LBB, we ally with many healing plants that are specifically beneficial to and supportive of the skin. Our products heal to reveal your skin's natural beauty and amplify its vibrance. 


Experience the deep self-care of LBB balms. Feel confident knowing that our hand-harvested, handcrafted products are made from the highest quality, clean ingredients that infuse your daily self-care ritual with the magic of nature.


Glow from the inside out, your essence is waiting to shine.


Why Plantain? 


Before I created our plantain balm formula,  I suffered from easily inflamed and sensitive skin. I tried different face creams with natural ingredients but found them irritating.  One product seemed to soothe the inflammation but left my skin dry, never penetrating the surface. I desired a clean option that deeply moisturized my skin without toxic chemicals and unwanted scents. 


Then, I discovered the sweet and healing plantain plant  or Plantago Major. Plantain contains allantoin, which is a skin soother that encourages cell growth and acts as an exfoliant, removing layers of dead skin. It is antibacterial, germicidal, and a powerful wound healer, making it great for preventing acne and healing acne scars. Because it draws out impurities, it’s a wonder for rashes, bites, and boils. It also soothes burns and heals dry, chapped skin. 


I decided it would be the perfect base for a healing balm, complimented with the highest quality of a few other natural ingredients that also benefit the skin in countless ways. The plantain oil base is lovingly made by infusing organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with hand-harvested plantain leaves for a minimum of six weeks for the highest potency. 


This formula is the only product I use on my face, morning and night. Every time I apply it, it feels like luxurious self-care without the harmful chemicals that so many other skin products contain.  I am overjoyed to share it with you and hope you fall in love with the experience of using it, and, especially, with the results. 

Green Blessings!  


Tracy Gary 

Herbalist and Certified International Health Coach (CIHC)

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About Tracy 

Tracy trained in The Wise Woman Tradition of herbal medicine through an apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett and as a resident at The Wise Woman Herbal Medicine Clinic in Riverdale, NY.  She is a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) and studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Tracy is passionate about allowing health to flourish by eating real food, allying with healing plants and using clean products. She is an herbal alchemist and has been practicing various holistic healing modalities for more than 20 years.

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