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 I am loving your Light Body Botanical Balm!  As I am constantly washing my hands, your product has helped to keep them soft, nourished and hydrated.  I also apply your balm every evening to my nails and cuticles with amazing results!  
- Bonnie W.

The salve is my most favorite facial product of all time! I am very sensitive to most products and this is so pure that I have no reactions other than fantastic moisture and a healthy glow. Thank you Tracy for creating this wonderful salve!

- Martha L., Vibrancy Coach

All of the hand washing from covid 19 has made my hands red and cracked. The Light Body Botanicals Plantain Face & Body Balm soothed my hands and eliminated the redness and cracking. This was important to me because raw cracked skin can be infected. 

- Bob G., attorney 

I love this salve! It smells lovely and has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply. Many skin creams and lotions on the market irritate my skin, turning my face red. 

But Tracy's plantain balm is gentle and nurturing. I also like that it's portable so I can easily carry it with me when I'm on the go!

- Laura N., Singer/Filmmaker 

I have been using LBB's plantain face & body balm for 9 months and I am a huge fan! I'm a physically active, bread baking, tennis playing, yogini grandma and Tracy's balm is the perfect emollient that prevents dry, chapped hands and feet without clogging pores. This has been very helpful because of how frequently I'm washing my hands during the covid crisis. Commercial products I've used have chemical additives that have irritated my skin. This salve has very few ingredients which are all organic and derived from nature. I have never had skin irritation when using it. 

I couldn't be more satisfied! 

- Karen G., retired school psychologist

love your plantain salve for all of my skincare needs, but especially the healing of my surgical scar. It is light, filled with moisture and super healing. Also, the fact that it is homemade with high quality ingredients is so important to me. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for organic skin care.

- Susannah L., Life Coach

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