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Find your way back to yourself with nutrition coaching, herbalism and somatic therapy. 


Our Offerings

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Integrative, holistic health coaching in a customized, private program.
Free yourself from health-sabatoging habits. Regulate your cravings, energy and mood. Discover the right food and healing plants for your body.

Release old trauma and stress patterns that are blocking your ability to meet your health goals. Become fluent in your body’s needs and unique language so you can consciously choose balance to feel your best on every level.

Hand Touching Water

Body-oriented trauma healing through one-on-one coaching. 


Release limiting stress patterns, decision paralysis, shame and guilt. Expand your capacity to handle the highs and lows of life without getting derailed.


Feel safe enough in your body to experience your full range of emotions and respond to your life from the present moment rather than old wounds and trauma. Access more energy and space for greater creativity, focus and clarity.


100% pure healing herbal skincare.


What you put on your skin matters. Our organic, handcrafted herbal face and body balm restores balance and beauty to your skin with only the purest ingredients.


It is 100% chemical free. Nourish your skin with nature. It's good for you and the planet.

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