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Embodied Wellness Program 

If it has felt impossible to stick to healthy habits in the past, this approach could be for you. Book a Wellness Clarity Call today. 

  • Are you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns of eating and self care?

  • Are you confused by conflicting dietary information?

  • Do your cravings, energy and mood fluctuate in a way that feels out of control?

  • Do you desire a clear and concise plan that's crafted personally for you?

In the Embodied Wellness Program (EWP), we identify your goals and craft a personalized nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle plan that supports your optimal health. We do this through the lens of Somatic Experiencing (SE), a body-oriented modality that helps heal trauma and other stress patterns to increase a sense of safety in the body. You don't lack willpower. Old stories and coping mechanisms could be blocking your ability to make lasting positive change. 

We lay a foundation of healthy eating and herbal medicine to nourish your body and balance your nervous system while honoring the parts of you that are resistant to change. Instead of overriding the body through willpower or deprivation, we orient towards deep listening and align the body and mind so change feels more like coming home.  

Your brilliant body is always trying to achieve homeostasis and continuously communicating with you. Embodied health looks like learning your body’s unique language and using curated tools that help you maintain balance through evolving circumstances. EWP is not about perfection. This approach is about conscious choices, supportive resources and intimately knowing your own system. 

Partnering with your body may sound obvious when it comes to health. However, we often begin rigorous health regimens where our mind is on board but we drag our body along kicking and screaming. This approach may work initially but ultimately the body rebels and the mind feels like a failure. 

Healing in partnership with your body feels more like floating downstream on a beautiful sunny day rather than fighting the current. Through deep listening, you achieve fluency in the language of your nervous system. You are supported as you attune your diet and lifestyle to the natural ebb and flow of your body's needs. As we implement each lifestyle upgrade, we honor resistance and work with the body’s full YES so what isn’t serving you falls away with ease.  

A side effect of this work is often a renewed sense of vitality and more energy than you thought possible. 


Embodied Wellness Program Offerings

 I am probably eating more and I weigh 10 to 15 lbs. less than when I started.   Simply by taking the time to make smarter choices and eat more regular meals has made a tremendous change in my daily energy levels and moods.   The program changed my whole approach to food and taking care of myself Instead of looking at eating healthy as a restriction, I now see it can be done with relative ease.   I am much more balanced as a result.   

Wendy F., Lawyer, New York 

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