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What would it be like to feel safe in your body? Who would you be if you released the charge of old wounds and relinquished them to the past? How would it feel to flow with challenge as well as joy, knowing you are ok either way? 


Find out.


During somatic experiencing sessions, we create a foundation of  safety and peace in your body through gentle verbal guidance. From this place, we explore sensation and allow your body to complete unexpressed stress patterns. We bring the parts of your nervous system that have been tied up in old stories back to the present moment to expand your tolerance for the full range of your emotions.


We move at your pace and follow your body’s lead. You’ll learn to grow your capacity to move through life's ups and downs with fluidity and grace. 


Somatic Experiencing Sessions

60 minutes/virtual - $175

Package of 6 session/virtual - $950

Outdoor Meditation
Tracy makes me feel instantly at ease with her grounded presence and curiosity without judgment. I have learned to be much more in touch with my body. She is authentically present, kind, and loving in her practice.

Penelope S., student, New York

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