Nutrition & Herbal Consulting 

Our food and lifestyle choices impact our health, mood, and vitality. Are you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns of eating and self care? Are you confused by conflicting dietary information? Do you crave a clear and concise nutrition and herbal wellness plan that's crafted personally for you? 

In the Light Body Botanicals Wellness Program, you're 100% supported as you pursue radical self-care so you can feel and look your best. The foundation is medicinal plants and delicious whole foods that nourish and 

satisfy you on the deepest level


Food can be your medicine or your poison. The needs of your body and spirit shift with the changing seasons, your stress level, movement practices, health issues, age, and personal goals.


Whether or not we understand the signs, our bodies are continually communicating with us. Become fluent 

in your body's language and empower yourself with the tools to attune your diet and lifestyle to the natural ebb and flow of your body's needs.  

Together, we will explore your personal health and healing goals and craft a bespoke nutrition and herbal medicine plan that supports the greatest version and vision of you. 

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Herbal Medicine Classes

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Herbal Medicine Preparation Series 

Create your home and travel DIY herbal medicine kit by learning the healing and immune boosting properties of common herbs and spices, the most essential herbs to have on hand to maintain vibrant health in each season, and how to make a variety of herbal preparations such as  infusions, tinctures, vinegars, syrups, and salves. 


Bespoke Medicinal Honey Bar

Explore which plants pair well with honey in medicinal power and tastecreate personalized, delicious, and healing honey infusions to delight your senses, and support your personal health goals.